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Off-site Software Development

Custom software can help to optimize processes and maintaining or competitive advantages for companies. We are your partner for your software projects; we do develop, enhance, support or re-implement your custom software.

Quintet Consulting has a proven track record of projects completed in time, in budget, and with high quality. A lot of the software we develop gets used and extended over multiple years to match changing requirements.

Both projects with defined functionality (e.g., fixed price projects) and projects with a defined budget but negotiable functionality are possible. As we can manage the full development process including requirements management we can first develop the necessary concept with. This can be the base to estimate the necessary budget or as back-log for an agile software project. Also we can include and manage external partners to cut cost or development time.

Our Prefered Technology Stack

We typically use web technologies for our projects.
Our preference is PHP for back-end and API development with MySQL or MariaDB databases for data storage.

On the front-end side, we are strong advocates of vue.js if a modern javascript front-end framework can be made use of. However, we are also familiar with jQuery and “vanilla JS”. We also often use Bootstrap as CSS framework.
With Apache cordova we can apply the technology we know best also on mobile phones as hybrid apps, which can be installed via Apple iTunes or Google Playstore. With special update capabilities, it is very quickly possible to deploy app updates not requiring the app user to install an update from the store.

For desktop applications we use electron to develop application based on web technologies. This allows interacting with the operating system, access the file system, and run other programs.

If native development is necessary, we rely on C# on windows platform and java for Linux.

To organize development we typically apply agile techniques and use tools like Atlassian Jira or Trello.