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Meeting Scheduling

Meeting Scheduling with a genetic algorithm

Our client organizes meetings between two groups of people, investors and companies within the framework of events. Typically, investors request meetings with companies. They confirm the request and the meeting can be scheduled. Challenge At first glance, the problem seems easy to solve: An investor can choose a suitable time for the meeting. Once the […]


In our creative work, special requirements need to be fulfilled in order to always satisfy our customers’ wishes. These requirements also include interactive usability of web applications to make them more intuitive and practical. Therefore, we have been on the bandwagon of dynamic web technologies for a long time. Among other things, we work intensively […]

Going Remote

We are a team of four employees, two full-time staff and two working students. Until three weeks ago the office was our meeting place. Those who wanted to work from home could do so, but most of the time we met in the office. There we had everything we needed to make good progress: suitable […]