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About the Company

Company Profile

We at Quintet Consulting accompany you on the way to your optimal software – whether directly on site or remotely. Web applications, hybrid apps, desktop software, both in completely new projects and in the further development of existing software – Quintet Consulting, based in Augsburg, does not spend long looking for suitable solutions for you. We already have them.

Software development is our passion. That is precisely why we accompany every necessary step with heart and soul. In addition to the actual software development, we coordinate, structure and show the way. We analyse the systems you already have, examine them for weaknesses, bring the ship back on course.

We work in a goal-oriented manner, love pragmatic and maintenance-friendly solutions and always keep an eye on your requirements and also your expenses. If you choose us, you choose reliability and commitment. Our team, with experience from the most diverse areas of software development, will find a solution – with enthusiasm and an eye for the big picture.

We would be pleased to present selected references to you. We are looking forward to your enquiry and hope to be able to solve your problems soon.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Software development – on-site and remote:
    • Concept and architecture
    • Web development
    • Hybrid apps for Android/iOS
    • Desktop software
    • Further development of existing software
    • Web application security
    • Experienced knowledge of various programming languages
  • Coordination of software development
  • Process automation

Special Industry Knowledge

  • Investor relations
  • Corporate finance
  • Event organisation
  • Automotive: Collecting and processing diagnostic data

You can rely on us

  • Goal-oriented and efficient way of working
  • Reliable, binding, on schedule
  • Maintenance-friendly software that works
  • Immediate appointments without lead time
  • Communication in German and English